Your employees are more than just a random people who show up every day for a paycheck; they’re the lifeblood of your success and among your company’s most valuable asset.  Ensuring that they have access to reliable and affordable healthcare is one of the wisest decisions any small business owner can make. In fact, it has been statistically proven that the most qualified and in-demand prospective employees routinely consider a company’s health insurance as one of their most desirable perks.

Affordable Group Health Plans for Illinois Business

But with corporate taxes at an all-time high, the economy more unpredictable than ever before, and new legislation from the Affordable Care Act, many small business owners find themselves at a crossroads: How can I offer my employees a solid health insurance plan and still remain profitable?  Fortunately, we can help.  Premier is one of the leading Illinois health insurance agencies, and has helped thousands of business save money on their employee health benefits.

Why Premier for Employee Health Insurance?

  • Diverse selection of employee health insurance options
  • Well-versed and experienced in all aspects of ACA compliance
  • Group HSA and HRA plans to help you lower your premiums
  • Free legally-verified HR documents for all group health clients
  • Direct point of contact with the major carriers to save time
  • Immediate support for employee and management questions
  • Innovative combination plans to improve coverage and lower premiums

Looking for More Affordable Group Health Insurance?

At Premier, we understand that these are challenging times for many Illinois businesses, and moreover that the ongoing group premium increases are not helping things. Our goal is to help you provide the best coverage possible while keeping rates under control. In doing so we strive to present a diverse spectrum of group solutions, explaining each in detail and demonstrating how they stand to benefit your company. This ensures that you choose the ideal plan for your staff's health... and a healthy bottom line.

Call us today at 800-369-0287 for a free no-obligation review of your current employee health plan, or write to Premier through our contact page.  We can review your existing coverage at no charge to identify any over-coverage or redundancies, before showing you ways to improve coverage or reduce your group premiums. Protecting your organization's most valuable resource couldn't be any easier or more rewarding.

Since 2003 Premier has been offering the most diverse selection of IL health insurance plans and coverage options. Speak with one of our agents or get a free quote!