Each year thousands of Illinois workers are severely injured while doing their jobs.  Disability insurance is there to protect you, in the event that you are severely hurt and rendered unable to work.

Affordable Disability Insurance for Individuals and Employees

At Premier, we have been helping Illinois workers, employees, and business owners get the peace of mind needed to thrive in today's competitive business market.  Disability insurance can protect you financially, in the event that you are seriously hurt or disabled on the job, and unable to return to wrok in either the long-or short-term.

Our staff of licensed IL health insurance agents are here to help you determine the right disability coverage, based on your lifestyle, family needs and a wide range of other factors.  Some of our services include:

  • Disability insurance for individuals
  • Disability plans for employers and group health plans
  • Compliment your plan with life or ADD insurance
  • Available in a diverse range of premiums and coverage terms
  • Personable service from a group of dedicated health insurance agents

Learn More about Illinois Disability Plans

If you're working in a profession where the risk of physical injury is all in a day's work, you absolutely need to protect yourself.  One slip or misjudgement can result in a very premature and unplanned retirement.  Call Premier for a free quote on disability insurance in Illinois, and find out how refreshing it can be to enjoy low rates, extensive selection and the best service in Chicago or the burbs.

Since 2003 Premier has been offering the most diverse selection of IL health insurance plans and coverage options. Speak with one of our agents or get a free quote!