Whether you’re turning 65 this year and new to Medicare, or currently enrolled and looking for coverage that’s more convenient and affordable, Medicare Advantage offers a wide array of impressive benefits. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C ) replaces original Medicare coverage, and eliminates the need to purchase a Part D prescription plan separately. Additionally, it covers a host of other healthcare services that are traditionally paid for out-of-pocket.   

At Premier Financial Insurance in Lisle IL, we’ve been helping Illinois residents get the most from their Medicare benefits over the past 20 years, ensuring that the process of enrolling and managing your plan is as simple, stress-free and affordable as possible.

What Expenses Does Medicare Advantage Cover?

In addition to providing all of the hospital and medical benefits that are included with Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage also covers the cost of Rx prescription medications and a variety of additional healthcare services, including:

  • Dental, Vision and Hearing Expenses  
  • Name Brand and Generic Rx Medications
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Home Meal Delivery after Hospital Stays
  • Health Club and Fitness Center Memberships
  • Silver Sneakers® Memberships

Why Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

From long-time Medicare enrollees to those just now learning how the process works, there’s no shortage of reasons why so many Illinois residents over 65 have switched from original Medicare to a Part C Advantage plan.  Here are a just a few of perks associated with Medicare Advantage:

Added Convenience

At the most basic level, the convenience Medicare Advantage offers is unmatched. By including the benefits of Parts A, B and D, coupled with the additional exclusive benefits it offers, Medicare Part C Advantage helps simplify the process of managing your healthcare needs, all under one convenient plan.  

More Affordable

Since its initial introduction, Medicare Advantage premiums and copayments have come down rather significantly. This has made Part C more appealing to those who are seeking an alternative to annual supplement premium increases, as well as escalating out-of-pocket healthcare and treatment expenses.

Extensive Physician and Hospital Networks

As more adults over 65 make the switch to Medicare Advantage, both physician and hospital networks have expanded greatly. Having access to your preferred doctor or hospital is vital when it comes to getting the highest level of care, and Medicare Advantage provides great freedom when choosing.  

Better Stability When it Comes to Premiums

Medicare supplements, such as Medicare Part D prescription and others, are typically subject to annual premium increases as determined by the major health insurance carriers. With more stable monthly premiums, Medicare Advantage often provides greater peace of mind without the worry of sharp, unexpected rate hikes.

Illinois Medicare Advantage Plans Start at $0/Month

For many Medicare-eligible individuals, a Medicare Advantage plan can start as low as $0 per month. If you’re an Illinois resident who’s interested in learning more about the benefits of switching from original Medicare to a Medicare Part C Advantage plan, Premier Financial Insurance in Lisle is here to help.

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