As a small business owner, you face many responsibilities that ultimately determine the success or failure your company.  Few business owners will argue that the safety and well-being of your employees is among the most important aspects of your day-to-day operations.  When they thrive, you thrive.  When they fall short, your bottom line falls short.  And as too many hard-working entrepreneurs have found out the hard way, when an employee suffers a life-changing accident, it can put your entire operation in jeopardy.

Give Your Employees the Peace of Mind They Deserve

On-the-job accidents do not discriminate who they affect, or where they might occur.  It makes no difference how long you have been in business, how many employees you currently staff, whether you are a single or multiple-location company, or which part of town you operate from; in Illinois, you absolutely need to be protected against lawsuits resulting from accidents that occur at your place of business.  It only takes one incident to financially devastate everything you’ve worked so hard for.  Even more concerning, it happens every single day in the United States.

At Premier Financial Insurance, we help business owners in Chicago and throughout the entire state protect their business, assets and financial security by providing reliable, affordable IL disability insurance for employees.  Considering that your employees are five times more likely to become disabled on the job than they are to die, you can’t afford not to have Illinois disability insurance protecting your company.

We offer both short-term and long-term employee disability benefit coverage, to provide the coverage you need at a price that allows you to remain profitable and confident.

Short-Term Disability Coverage

Short-term IL disability insurance can provide either 13 or 26 months of coverage against any type of injury.  By accurately assessing your business model, one of our disability benefits experts will help you in deciding if short term disability insurance is right for you.

Long-Term Disability Coverage

If you own or operate a business in an industry more prone to serious accidents, such as manufacturing, hazardous materials, construction or others, it could be in your best interest to protect your business with a long term employee disability plan.  These plans are more comprehensive in their coverage, which provides protection for employees whose injuries surpass the three month mark.  A long-term disability insurance plan with provide coverage until the injured party turns 65.

If you have questions about offering your staff as rock solid disability benefits, call Premier today and get the information you need to make an informed decision.  Our agents work in a zero pressure mindset, where your satisfaction is the only goal.

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