At the foundation of your Medicare coverage, are Parts A and B.  Both are provided through the government, though only Part A (which mainly covers hospital costs) is provided at no cost.  Part B must be purchased separately, to help with the expense of services not covered under Part A.  While Part A does cover many basic and common services, it does not cover some of the services included in Part B, such as surgery, specialized care, ambulatory and others. 

As an alternative to these, Medicare Advantage replaces parts A and B with no need to buy separate prescription coverage. This is obviously a source of confusion for those new to Medicare, and even more reason to work with an experienced agent who can help you make the best decision. 

Free, Expert Medicare Enrollment Assistance

At Premier, we offer free assistance with Medicare enrollment for Illinois residents, to help make the transition easy and rewarding. 

  • Complimentary assistance enrolling in Part A or B Medicare plans
  • Staff of dedicated licensed agents who specialize in Medicare enrollment
  • Unbiased answers to your questions on Medicare plans and supplements
  • Clear explanations on how Medicare works and what to expect
  • Medicare consultations available in our Lisle, IL office, over the phone or your location
  • Under no circumstances will we ever pressure you to purchase coverage
  • Free assistance with Medicare applications, documents and follow-up

Honest, Local Medicare Advice for Those Turning 65

For nearly over decades Premier Financial Insurance in Lisle has helped thousands of Illinois residents with their Medicare enrollment.  Whether you're completely new to the process of buying health insurance, or simply wanting to make sure that no option or document has been overlooked, our staff of licensed IL agents is here to help.  Unlike some agents who use fear and high-pressure to sell you more than you need, Premier takes a more compassionate approach.  Our goal is to ensure that there are no redundancies in your coverage, and moreover that your application is submitted on time and absolutely free of errors. 

When it comes to something this important, having a local expert who's just a phone call away never hurt anyone.  Premier is located in the Lisle/Naperville business district and proudly offers 100% free assistance with all Medicare-related services. 

Call us today 800-369-0287, to speak with an agent or schedule a time to meet and discuss your healthcare needs. or email Premier though our secure contact page.

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