Any IL health insurance agent can help you enroll in a group health plan, though that isn't enough in today's evolving system of healthcare reform.  Here are some of the many ways in which Premier goes beyond the call to help you stay compliant while getting the most from your healthcare dollars.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Staying compliant under the Affordable Care Act is something no group can afford to overlook in today's new system.  We work to ensure that your group's legal and fiduciary obligations are in order, preventing you from being hit with fines and penalties.

Wrap/SPD Documents

We assist with the implementation of SPD/Wrap documents, ensuring that your company is fully compliant under the new healthcare reform laws.  Updated SPD documents are just one of many available to our group clients.

Section 125 Compliance

We make sure that your Section 125 is accurate and up-to-date, while verifying that you're receiving all of the proper tax credits.

Health Insurance Continuation and COBRA Support

From the initial employee notifications and support, to the mailing of continuation letters and election forms, we handle a large portion of the COBRA process to help save you time and excess administrative responsibilities.

Benefits Communication

One of our goals at PFI is to make sure that your management and staff are fully informed on thier health insurance coverage.  We work closely with HR and employees to make sure they're educated on their benefits, claim information and other key issues.

Exchange Notices

We make sure that all employees receive the proper exchange notices, to ensure both ACA compliance while keeping your staff fully informed of the plan's details and coverage.

HR Forms & Documents

All Premier group clients receive access to a thorough online library of up-to-date and legally verified HR documents, including new hire forms, compliance/tax documents, newsletters, employee handbooks and more.

IL 1095 Forms

Individuals enrolled in a qualifying health plan must receive a 1095 form, and this can be an extensive task depending on the size of your group.  Our agents provide assistance to your staff and HR professionals, thus ensuring that your 1095 forms are completed properly.

Setup & Implement 6055/6056 Forms

Any group with 50 or more employees is required to submit 6055/6056 forms to the IRS, as a means of showing that they are indeed offering coverage.  Premier helps eliminate downtime by advising your staff when preparing these importance compliance documents.

Custom Solutions to Lower Group Health Premiums

With group premiums subject to ongoing increases, we look for innovative ways to tailor customized solutions that help keep premiums low without compromising coverage.

Call the Group Health Insurance Agency Illinois Trusts

For more information on how to keep your group health compliant with the most current ACA/HCR mandates, or to make an appointment with one of our agents to review your existing plan, call Premier in Lisle today at 800-369-0287.  You can also write to us in complete confidence by e-mailing PFI through our SSL-secured contact page.

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