Every day thousands of individuals suffer heart attacks and strokes, while countless others are diagnosed with some form of cancer.  Considering the reality and progression of these statistics, it is of the utmost importance to take the right precautionary measures - especially among those whose family has a history of heart disease, cardiovascular conditions, stroke, diabetes, cancer and others.  As many of our clients have discovered, a Critical Illness plan from Premier is an excellent way to ensure that you're protected against the unexpected.

Many people across the country, lack the coverage they need when a major illness strikes—and many are under the impression that their coverage is ample. We firmly believe that each and every American should have the opportunity to secure the critical care insurance they need to help bridge the gaps and extra coverage expenses that are associated with some of today's most common severe diseases.

Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Options

Premier Financial Insurance is one of the Chicago area's leading provider of affordable critical illness plans, which pay cash to you or your specified recipient in the event that you are diagnosed with a covered illness.  These policies are available to anyone under the age of 70, and best of all, the cash benefit you receive can be used in any manner you see fit.

  • Critical Illness Plans Pay Cash Benefits
  • Can Be Used Any Way You Choose
  • For a More Stress-Free Recovery Period
  • Benefits Range from $5K to $50K
  • Ideal for Couples, Parents, Families, or Individuals
  • A Smart Way to Stay Financially Protected

Between cancer, heart attacks and strokes these and other costly illnesses result in about half of all personal bankruptcies. Even with an excellent health insurance policy, there are constantly increasing deductibles and co-pays that need to be considered. Americans are typically held accountable to pay for specialty care, medicine and treatments not covered under your standard health insurance policy.

Stay Financially Protected in the Event of Serious Illness

For more information on why every family should have a critical illness plan, call Premier at 800-369-0287 to speak with one of our licensed staff agents.  We will be happy to answer all of your questions while helping you select the best coverage for your unique health needs.  Or write to us in confidence through our secure contact page.

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