Of the many group health insurance options for Illinois businesses, few have become as popular as Health Savings Accounts have.  In addition to providing your employees with excellent health care benefits and medical coverage, they also help business owners save substantially on their employee benefits expenses, while granting their greater control over how they manage their employees' coverage options.

Benefits of HSA Group Health Insurance Plans

  • Significant Savings on Employee Health Benefits
  • Increased Flexibility for Managing Health Insurance Plans
  • Lower Monthly Premiums
  • Contributions are Tax Deductible
  • The Freedom to Adjust Contribution Rates
  • Funds Can Be Used for Many Health Expenses

Learn How a Group HSA Plan Can Reduce Your Monthly Premiums

If your current IL group health plan is not living up to its promises, and costing you a fortune in the process, perhaps it's time for a change.  Contact the health insurance specialists at Premier today, and find out how much you could be saving on your employee health plan premiums! 

Get the facts on Health Savings Accounts and decide for yourself if it's worth exploring.  Call Premier in Lisle at 800-369-0287 to learn more about the many advantages of switching to an HSA, or write to us through our secure contact page.

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