Your eyes are undeniably your windows to the world.  As we age, however, protecting them becomes more of a full-time responsibility.  In many cases, vision insurance is included under existing health insurance plans, to help cover the costs of glasses, contacts, exams and other vision essentials.  Over the past few years, though, more Americans have lost their employer-provided vision insurance due to cost reduction programs, healthcare reform and scaled back insurance plans. 

Affordable Employee Vision Health Insurance Plans

At Premier, we don’t think that your team should have to sacrifice their good vision or optimal eye health.  We offer a wide range of employee vision insurance plans, at premiums that most businesses will find to be affordable even on tight budgets.  Whether you’re young and concerned with protecting your eyes, or in looking to enjoy your Golden Years and in need of ongoing vision coverage, we will help you choose a vision insurance plan; one that provides the ideal amount of protection for you and your staff.

  •  Low co-payments for: annual eye exams and vision tests
  •  Coverage for prescription glasses and contact lenses
  •  Annual glaucoma screening coverage
  •  Extensive network of optomotrists and vision specialists
  •  Discounts on many designer and name brand eyeglasses
  •  Coverage for Lasik and laser eye surgery with low copay

If you think that affordable vision insurance is too pricey for your business, we look forward to showing you how affordable it can be.  Premier specializes in custom group health plans that provide reliable coverage and rates designed around your company's budget. 

Call and speak with one of our group health agents at 800-369-0287, for more info on protecting your employees eye health with vision insurance from Premier.  You can also send us an e-mail through our SSL-protected contact page.

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