There’s no shortage of reasons for someone to miss the 6-week open health insurance enrollment that runs from November to mid-December, and we’ll explore several of these more closely later in the article.  But when you do, in fact, find yourself without health insurance early into the new year, it can be a little scary.  So, what happens if you’re recently uninsured and would like to purchase coverage?

Let’s review some of the most popular options for buying health insurance once Open Enrollment has ended, to ensure that you end up getting the best coverage for your healthcare dollars.

See if You Qualify for Special Enrollment

The majority of those who purchase health insurance post-Open Enrollment end up doing so through the Special Enrollment program.  Under this option, those who have recently had a change in jobs or group coverage, as well as those who’ve gotten married, had a child, moved to a new rating area and other various conditions, are allowed to buy the same plans offered during OE.  If you think you might qualify, Premier has more detailed information on Special Enrollment on our website to help you find out.

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

If you weren’t able to buy coverage during the IL Open Enrollment period, a short-term health insurance policy can be a good option depending on your healthcare requirements. Short-term plans provide coverage for many of the most basic and common medical needs such as doctor’s visits, trips to the ER, prescription medications and more.  At Premier in Lisle we offer short-term plans from both United Healthcare and Allied, get in touch today to learn more and explore options.

Dental, Vision & Ancillary Coverage

It’s not uncommon for some companies, when renewing their employee health benefits, to drop dental and/or vision coverage based on limited use or increasing premiums.  If this happens to you during the middle of health insurance off-season, you could find yourself scrambling to get coverage for yourself or family.  Fortunately, there are a number of carriers who sell dental and vision polices all year long including Delta, VSP and several others.  Premier staffs a team of licensed IL agents who are always happy to help you find the perfect plan in Illinois.

Learn More About Getting Covered Until the Next Open Enrollment

The aforementioned represents just a partial list of the different types of health insurance that can be purchased in Illinois after the close of Open Enrollment.  There are a wide range of ancillary and supplemental plans that can be help protect you and your loved ones against accidents, lost wages, serious illnesses, disability and more.

For complete information on the various types of health and medical insurance that can be purchased during closed enrollment, or to schedule an appointment at our Lisle, IL office or your location, get in touch with Premier today.We’re located at 3333 Warrenville Rd in Lisle and can be reached by phone at 800-369-0287 any time during regular office hours.  Or reach out via email by visiting our website’s secured contact page.