Once you have a health insurance plan that provides ample coverage for your needs and the needs of your loved ones, it can be easy to simply forget about it.  After all, how much time do any of us really need to spend thinking about our healthcare coverage?  Still, this raises an interesting point, and one that can be quite beneficial for those who are anticipating, or recently experienced a significant life change.  

The health insurance industry, and moreover it’s major carriers, are constantly changing and updating the types and tiers of coverage they provide.  Premiums change, doctors leave hospital networks, co-payment amounts fluctuate, and deductibles rarely remain consistent throughout the life of a policy.  This makes it essential to know exactly where your plan stands at any given time, and one of the strongest arguments to have it reviewed annually by an agent.    

Ensure that You’re Getting the Ideal Coverage for Your Needs

If you’ve had the same health insurance plan for any lengthy period of time, there’s a good possibility that the coverage you carry may have changed slightly (or significantly) over the years.  This can include everything from which hospitals are in your network, the amounts you pay when seeing the doctor or making a trip to the ER, coverage guidelines for specialists, and so on.  Having your plan reviewed annually costs nothing, and can help ensure that the coverage you need is there when you need it.

Verify that Preferred Hospitals, Physicians and Specialists are Still In-Network

Physician and hospital networks change rather regularly, and the last thing anyone needs is to schedule an appointment and learn that their insurance plan is no longer accepted.  While most doctors and specialists are good about letting their patients know in advance when a change is being made, not all have the time or resources to do so.  This makes it beneficial for those who prefer to see a specific doctor, or visit a specific hospital, to have their plan reviewed by a health insurance agent who stays on top of these ongoing changes.

Confirm that You’re Not Paying a Higher Premium than You Need to

Anyone who pays for their own health insurance plan knows all too well that premiums have done nothing but increase over the past decade or so.  If your monthly premiums have reached a tier that’s no longer in line with your budget, having your plan reviewed by a local agent may be able to help keep costs under control.  An agent can tell you exactly what you’re paying for each month, while helping you explore alternative plans that provide the same, or better coverage, at a rate that’s more affordable.

Have Your Health Insurance Plan Expertly Reviewed for Free

Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly premiums or simply interested in finding out how your plan has changed since you first enrolled, the experts at Premier in Lisle are here to help.  We staff a team of licensed Illinois agents who can review your existing plan for free, answer all of your questions, or help you find a plan that more aligned with your current healthcare needs.  There are no fees for our services, and never any pressure to do business with us.   

To learn more or schedule a free consultation with one of our agents, get in touch with Premier today.  We’re located at 3333 Warrenville Rd in Lisle and can be reached by phone at 800-369-0287 any time during regular office hours.  Or reach out via email by visiting our website’s secured contact page.