The Affordable Care Act has affected the way most businesses operate, and has especially impacted those who offer health and medical benefits to their staff.  With so many changes and compliance regulations in place, it can be extremely challenging keeping on top of healthcare reform updates, new document requirements, potential penalties, tax reporting processes and scores of others new mandates.        

Keep Your HR Staff Informed and Up-to-Date

At Premier, we make it easy to stay at the cutting edge of healthcare reform, by giving our group plan clients free access to a complete online library of current, accurate and legally-verified Human Resource documents and educational tools, including:

  • Affordable Care Act Updates & Newsletters
  • Employee Benefit Education Center 
  • Healthcare Reform Compliance Information
  • Industry-specific HR Documents & Benefit Forms
  • Free, 100% Customized Employee Handbooks
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD Wraps)
  • Wellness Campaign Plan Designs
  • Customizable Total Compensation Reports
  • Pay or Play Information
  • Posters, Handouts & Office Signage   

Instant Access to Thousands of Essential HR Documents

With the US healthcare system constantly changing, you can't always rely on a simple search of the internet to find honest, accurate and reliable information.  Keeping compliant means having access to the most current version of essential forms and documents, as well as a place to turn for information you can trust unfailingly.

Premier has made substantial investments in this service, as a way to help you manage and streamline how your company your offers employee benefits.  To learn more about how this free service can help change the way you operate under the Affordable Care Act, contact our office to learn more via e-mail or at 800-369-0287.          

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