Between new COVID variants, RSV and one of the nastiest cold & flu seasons we’ve seen in years, it’s been an unusually trying winter—even among healthy individuals who rarely get sick.  Many of the more common symptoms seemed to linger longer than most people are accustomed to, and illness re-occurrence has proven to be more frequent than it has been in years’ past.  

If you’re like countless others who are looking forward to starting the warm weather months on a healthier note, here are a few ways to ensure that you and your loved ones are on the right track once Spring rolls around.

Do a Deep Spring Cleaning of Your Home

Countless germs, bacteria and other nasty airborne agents collect during the winter as a result of closed windows, excessively dry conditions, and the increased amount of time that we spend indoors.  One of the best ways to start the Spring season off healthy, is to do a deep clean of your home.  If you’re doing it yourself, it’s advisable to wear a mask or face covering to avoid exposure to dust and allergens, as well as the fumes from many popular cleaning chemicals.

Take Active Measures to Lower Your Stress Levels

Winter has an uncanny way of stressing people out, and as many will attest to, this can easily progress into the warm weather months.  What we often fail to consider, is that stress can have an adverse effect on the body’s immune system.  Some effective ways to reduce daily stress include meditation, getting out to nature, limiting the amount of time spent staring at electronic devices, or something as simple as engaging with friends and neighbors who’ve also been feeling the cabin fever.    

If Your Diet Needs a Change, Change It

Of all the ways to ensure good health when Spring rolls around, making positive dietary changes rank high on the list.  Most people, admittedly, are guilty of letting their diet slip during the winter months.  And as a result, this can lead to weight gain and poor dietary habits that echo throughout the year.  Consider replacing unhealthy snacks and sweets with more healthy options, such as fruit, trail mix, smoothies, protein bars and others to help satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Give Your Vehicle a Thorough Interior Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for many to keep their vehicles’ windows closed all winter long, while regularly cranking up the heat and unsuspectingly circulating the dust, debris and germs that get tracked-in from our shoes.  In addition to giving your vehicle a deep interior cleaning, with extra attention to the floors and touchable surfaces, make sure that your vehicle’s cabin filter is clean and effective by changing it on a regular basis.  

Be Mindful of Routine Activities That Spread Germs

By now, we all know the importance of washing our hands and using sanitizer when in contact with germs.  Still, many take for granted the countless germ-spreading activities that often go overlooked.  This can include everything from using an ATM or pumping gas, to grocery shopping, taking out the trash, handling money or even using a public pen.  If you’re in contact with something that others have touched, get in the habit of sanitizing and avoid touching your face.

Inspect Your Home’s Filters and Replace as Needed

Whether it’s your furnace filter, your vacuum, or your personal air purifier, it’s vital to inspect any and all filters throughout your home.  When not changed on a regular basis, dust, debris and allergens can saturate your filters, depriving them of their ability to trap harmful airborne particulates.  Even worse, dirty filters are notorious for sending more debris into your interior living space.  Inspect your filters every few months to help promote a cleaner, healthier home.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Aside from recharging the body and ensuring energy and vibrancy upon waking, getting a good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy immune system.  Of course, this is often easier said than done.  If you’re like others who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, consider making some changes to your nightly routine.  This can include limiting exposure to electronics an hour before bedtime, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon, reading, listening to soothing music, or doing a few minutes of quiet meditation.

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