As many employers in Illinois have learned, COBRA continuation health insurance has changed dramatically in response to the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARP).  As of the time of this writing, any employee who did not leave their position voluntarily is now eligible to receive free COBRA (or Illinois continuation) benefits beginning on April 1st 2021 and ending on September 30th 2021.  This includes those who were laid-off, furloughed or fired for non-performance.

In addition to new subsidy offerings and sweeping changes on eligibility, there are just as many new considerations when it comes to the actual election form that employers are required to send to former employees.  The new 2021 COBRA form is considerably longer, as it provides more detailed information on eligibility for free COBRA benefits, as well as an overview on the ARP, alternative plan options, enrollment deadlines, undated resources, and more.

At Premier Financial Insurance  in Lisle, we understand that many companies – especially those who manage their own employee health plan – are having a difficult time determining which forms need to be sent out.  We wanted to take a moment to explain the basics and provide a reliable resource for those looking to ensure that they’re sending out the correct, updated 2021 COBRA election forms.  However, considering how many changes are in place right now, we’re  inviting businesses in Illinois and Chicagoland to contact Premier to speak with one of our licensed agents, for information on compliance, process, and how COBRA continuation has changed.  

If you’re already in-the-know on all of the new changes and compliance requirements, and simply looking to get a copy of the updated 2021 COBRA election forms, you can request one through our secured contact page.  We’ve posted the link below, to make things fast, accurate and easy. 

Get the 2021 COBRA Election Notification or Illinois Continuation Forms

If you’re an Illinois business who’s still sending out the same COBRA health insurance election forms that you were prior to April 2021, you could be setting yourself up for a compliance nightmare down the road.  We can send you a copy that you can use for terminated employees, to ensure full compliance and more streamlined group plan management.  Simply visit our contact page and fill out the short form, and let us know that you’d like to receive a copy of the 2021 ARP updated COBRA election form.  We never share or sell any of your information.   

For more information on how to get the most from your group health plan, including premium reductions, free plan reviews, combination plan options, ACA compliance, or any other related concern, reach out when it’s convenient and we’ll be happy to help at no cost to you.  

You can write to us through our contact page day or night, or call us during regular office hours at 800-369-0287.  Premier is located at 3333 Warrenville Rd in Lisle, and has been serving the group health needs of Illinois companies since 2003.