If you’re an Illinois resident who needs to purchase a new health insurance plan, or alter your existing coverage, the 2024 Open Enrollment period begins on November 1st 2023 and will run until January 15th.  And while the dates are consistent to those over the past few years, there will be a number of changes that may affect both new and existing healthcare plans.

The health insurance needs of countless individuals, couples and families has changed significantly, so it’s important to not only note the dates, but moreover to make sure that your new or current coverage is in line with your most important needs and concerns.  Here are a few scenarios in which it can be beneficial to work with a local health insurance agency.

For Individuals

For many individuals, this year will mark the first time they’ve had to buy health insurance.  Whether it’s the result of a layoff, status change or company closure, it’s important to choose a plan that addresses both your budget and your realistic healthcare needs.  There are many plan options available, and this can be a bit overwhelming to those going about it for the first time.  If you’re not sure where to start, consider working with a local health insurance agent.  The premiums you pay are the same, and agents can drastically simplify the enrollment process.  

For Families

Anyone with a family will agree that it's never been more important to carefully consider your healthcare needs. Things once never considered have become top priorities, and health insurance certainly ranks high on that list.  Just as there are every year, 2024 will see new and updated family health insurance plan options, done in part to accommodate the various household status and employment changes that have taken place over the past few years.  Whether your coverage needs have changed or you just want to make sure you’re in the right plan, a local health insurance agency can explain everything at no cost.       

For the Self-Employed

Many businesses have gone from full-staff to sole proprietorship in just a matter of three years.  And as disheartening as this is, it’s important to consider what a significant impact it has on the medical insurance needs of so many.  For businesses owners, most notably those who were covered under their company’s group health plan, this will be the first time they shop for health insurance.  And needless to say, this can be overwhelming while trying to keep things afloat.  Working with an experienced group health agent can help simplify and streamline the transition.     

For Those Turning 65

The lingering pandemic and surge of RSV cases has hit older adults especially hard, and this has resulted in many looking a bit closer when it comes to Medicare enrollment and supplements.  This can be a complex and confusing process, especially for those who always had coverage through their job.  Working with an experienced health insurance broker is a smart way to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, and especially relevant for those concerned about specialized testing, vaccines, treatments, hospital coverage, specialists, physician networks and many others.  

Get Free, Expert Assistance with 2024 Health Insurance Enrollment

As one of Chicagoland’s most trusted and successful health insurance agencies, Premier Financial Insurance genuinely understands how different this year’s Open Enrollment is for so many of our friends and neighbors. There are no fees for our services, no pressure to buy, and you have the assurance of working with an agency that’s remained trusted throughout Chicago and the state of Illinois since 2003.

Premier is based in Lisle IL and offers both in-person and virtual consultations.  Get in touch with our staff of licensed agents today and let us know how we can help.  We can be reached by phone at 800-369-0287 or via email through our contact page.