Even if you're among the most computer-savvy, signing up for health insurance online can be a little intimidating.  The system is essentially brand new to everyone, and this can increase the time that it takes to ensure that your plan is accurate and befitting of your real healthcare needs.

We've listed just a few of the many reasons to work with a qualified health insurance agent during the 2015 open enrollment period.

Rates Identical to What's Offered Online

There's this myth going around that you can still shop for the lowest rates on health insurance, but it's just not true.  The rates quoted by an agent are exactly the same as the rates you will find online, using the healthcare.gov website or over the phone. 

Free Assistance from an Industry Expert

Attempting to buy health insurance on your own can be a daunting task, especially under the new system.  Agents know the process inside-out, and can assist with everything from healthcare reform questions and subsidy applications, to policy renewals and new plan purchases.  

Faster & Less Stressful Sign-up Process

If last year was anything like this year's enrollment period, there could very well be a lot of frustrated people staring at their computer screens.  Working with a broker is the fastest and most stress-free way to make sure your health insurance signup is done quickly and accurately.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Making mistakes on your health insurance application can result in a time-consuming customer service headache.  A broker will make sure that your application is complete, accurate and properly submitted, sparing you of long on-hold phone times while trying to correct a simple oversight.

Point of Contact for Customer Service

If you tried calling your carrier during the last open enrollment, you undoubtedly remember what that was like.  When you work with a broker, you have a dedicated point of contact to handle carrier-related issues for you.  It can be a huge time-saver during the industry's busiest phase.

Help Applying for Health Insurance Subsidies

The process of determining eligibility or applying for a health insurance subsidy can be a bit overwhelming if you're new to it.  Qualified brokers, however, can quickly find out how much money you're entitled to, while expediting the application and paperwork for you.

Custom Plan Designs Tailored Around Your Needs

While traditional marketplace plans may be okay for some, many individuals and families can benefit from custom health insurance plans and combination options.  Working with a skilled broker will allow you to see all available options based on your budget and coverage needs.

Get Free Expert Assistance During 2015 Open Enrollment   

Whether you're new to process of shopping for health insurance, need to apply for a subsidy or just have questions about this year's open enrollment, Premier is here to help.  We staff a team of compassionate licensed agents, thoroughly trained and experienced on all aspects of healthcare reform, new plans and renewals.  Call 800-369-0287 or write to us to schedule a time to talk.