Even for those who have experience shopping for health insurance, the process has become increasingly complicated over the past few years.  There are more plans to choose from, new carriers entering the market, subsidy options, constantly-evolving compliance regulations to consider, and much more. 

As many already know, working with a local health insurance agent is the most effective way to save time and eliminate stress, while ensuring that you're getting the best coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

Here are just a few of the many situations where an experienced local agent can take the headache out of comparing plans and going about the enrollment process on your own.

If Your Monthly Premiums Increased More than Anticipated

Health insurance premiums have done nothing but increase over the past decade, and many are finding that they simply can't afford to stay covered at the current pace.  If your rates have reached a level you're not comfortable with, as agent can help identify plans that are more in line with your budget and realistic healthcare needs.

If You Recently-turned or are Turing 65

The process of enrolling in Medicare has never been more confusing, making it challenging for those turning 65 to decide where to even begin the process.  One of the many advantages of working with a licensed health insurance agent, is that they know the Medicare industry inside-out.  They can streamline enrollment and ensure that not a single detail has been overlooked.

When Buying Coverage for the First Time on Your Own

Whether you recently left your job, started a business or lost coverage from a spouse's plan, shopping for health insurance on your own for the first time can be a bit overwhelming.  This is one area where a local agent can help immensely.  Rather than wasting hours learning how the process works, an agent can show you the most ideal plans and handle enrollment for you.

If Your Carrier is Leaving the Marketplace

If you're currently insured with a non-major carrier, you could end receiving a notice stating that they're leaving the healthcare marketplace.  So, what then?  You could buckle in for an extended bout of searching for a new provider, or work with an agent who can listen to your concerns and show you options that genuinely address your evolving healthcare need.

Self-employed or Recently Left Your Company

If you recently became self-employed and this marks the first time you need to buy individual, family or small-group coverage, the process can be confusing and incredibly time consuming.  Most agents don't charge a fee for their consultation and enrollment services, so working with a broker in your area is definitely something worth considering.

If You're Expecting a Significant Life Change

If you've decided to wait-out the Special Enrollment period after or leading up to a qualifying life change, such as getting marriage, moving to a new area, starting a new job, having a baby, getting divorced, etc., working with a local licensed agent can spare you hours of back-end research and confusion over coverage details and new plan options.

Contact The Health Insurance Agency Chicago Trusts

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