Many people shy away from adding dental insurance to their policy, mainly out of fear that it will send their premiums through the proverbial roof.  Not true.  In fact, dental coverage is actually among the most inexpensive options when it comes to health insurance available. 

Here are just a handful of reasons why every adult should consider adding dental to their health insurance or employee benefits package:

IL Dental Insurance is Very Affordable

Many of our clients here in Chicago (which is consequently one of the most expensive places to live) have no idea how affordable dental insurance actually is.  On average, most people in fair to good health, pay no more than $15-25 per month for very extensive coverage.  Those who need only basic services including exams, cleanings, and others, can expect to pay even less. 

Extensive Dental Care Coverage Benefits

Like most health insurance plans, you can get somewhat creative in what is and isn't covered.  But considering how pricey some dental procedures can get, and how affordable most dental plans are, it makes perfect sense to get as much protection as you can.  Honestly, we're talking about the difference of maybe $10-$15 month.   It only takes one 'not-covered' procedure to wipe a family out, so if you're considering adding dental to your plan, be sure to look at all of your options.

Dental Health is More Important as We Age

By the time we reach adulthood and late-adulthood, our teeth and gums have been subjected to years of abuse--even among those who take great care of their teeth.  Sugar, acidic foods, alcohol and nicotine can take a real toll on the appearance and integrity of your oral health.  Routine dentist visits become much more important as an adult, so having dental insurance is something that will absolutely make the experience less stressful. 

Get Free Assistance with Dental Insurance Plans

If you're in the Chicago area or suburbs, and would like to know more about adding dental coverage to your policy, Premier can help.  Even if you have insurance through an employer but do not have dental coverage, we can help you add it for just a few dollars a month.

Call Premier today at 800-369-0287 to learn more, ask a question, or find out why it's so vital to have dental coverage during our adult and senior years.  You can also write to Premier through our website's secure contact page.