With less than three weeks left in the 2015 health insurance open enrollment, it's clear that many people still have lots of questions and concerns when it comes to deciding which coverage is best for their unique situation.  In this article we wanted to go over some of the most frequently asked questions on open enrollment in the state of Illinois.

When Does Open Enrollment End?

The last day to purchase health insurance or sign up for a government health care subsidy is February 15th 2015.  After that date, the only option for getting coverage will be under Special Enrollment.  This is an extended period for individuals and families who are moving, changing jobs, getting married or divorced, having a baby, or other significant life changes.  If you can't purchase coverage before the February 15th cutoff date, a broker can help you in determining whether or not you qualify for special enrollment.   

How Do I Apply for Government Health Insurance Assistance?

There are serval ways to go about applying for a health insurance subsidy or tax credit in Illinois.  The Get Covered Illinois website is available for those who prefer to sign up online, but help is also offered through agencies and brokers such as Premier.  If you're not comfortable doing this on your own and want to avoid mistakes, we strongly suggest working with an authorized agent who understands the system and can walk you through the process.

Will Health Insurance Subsidies Affect My Tax Return?

In many cases, yes.  If you receive health insurance financial assistance from the government, it could potentially affect the amount of your tax return.  This is an area where many families and individuals could be affected, considering that the new system of health care reform is literally brand new to all those involved.  If you do not have a personal accountant, a broker can help steer you in the right direction while helping you understand the basics.   

Is Help Available When Buying New Health Insurance Plans?

Yes, there is plenty of free help available to help ensure that you end up in the plan that best reflects your real needs.  If you'd like to keep things more localized, the agents at Premier are licensed and amply trained to assist in all matters relating to new coverage, subsidies and plan modifications.

If you're in Illinois or the Chicagoland area and in need of free, expert advice, Premier is proud to offer free health insurance assistance to those with questions.  Call our offices today at 800-369-0287 for a free and confidential consultation with a licensed IL agent, or learn more by visiting our informative website.