With the health insurance Open Enrollment period serving as the new norm, many have been left wondering what they're supposed to do if they missed the enrollment deadline, but don’t want to go without quality medical coverage throughout the summer months?  Here are a few suitable options for those in need of summertime health and medical coverage in Illinois. 

Temporary Medical Insurance

A temporary, or short-term health insurance plan will cover you for a period of up to 90 days, with costs and benefits comparable to a traditional healthcare plan.  And just like traditional plans, there are a wide range of cost and coverage options to choose from based on your health status, needs, budget etc.  Keep in mind that while the benefits are similar in scope, they won’t exempt you from any non-compliance fines. 

Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance plans are offered to provide financial protection in the event of the most serious health problems, including cancer, heart attack and stroke.  With each of these, the treatment and recovery periods can be both lengthy and expensive.  Critical illness plans can help with medical expenses, specialized treatments, procedures, as well as cash benefits to cover bills while you recover.

Accident Insurance Plans

It’s not wise to be uninsured if you lead a highly active lifestyle during the summer months.  Whether it’s outdoor seasonal work, extreme sports or other activities prone to personal injury, an accident insurance plan can be a smart thing to have.  These unique but popular plans help cover medical costs, physical therapy, rehabilitation and provide cash benefits during recovery if you’re unable to work.   

Special Enrollment

If this summer marks a significant lifestyle change for you, you should have no problem getting qualified for special enrollment.  This is an exemption under the Affordable Care Act which allows people to purchase health insurance plans after Open Enrollment.  Common criteria include: moving, getting a new job, having a baby, marriage, divorce and more. Wondering if you qualify?  Read more about Special Enrollment here.   

Dental, Vision and Ancillary

Regardless of whether you’re currently with or without health insurance, you can still purchase ancillary, vision and dental insurance at any time during the year.  There may be limited carrier options during closed enrollment, depending on which type of coverage you need, and this is something that a licensed agent can help with if you’re unsure where to start.

Get Free Expert Assistance with Health Insurance in Illinois

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