Open enrollment for 2019 health insurance coverage began on November 1st and will run until December 15th 2018.  And while that may seem like a ways off, it’s not a tremendous amount of time to determine which plan you’re going to commit to for the upcoming year. 

Like previous years, there are new options to consider and just as many ways to go about the signup process. Whether you’re new to buying your own health insurance or well-versed in the process, here are a few things to keep in mind during this year’s healthcare Open Enrollment.

Research All of the New 2019 Coverage Options

Carriers and providers are constantly changing the coverage they offer, and this results in some plans being cancelled or completely repackaged come enrollment time.  Additionally, new carriers join the marketplace just as some choose to leave.  Knowing what’s new prior to choosing a plan in haste can end up better suiting your health and medical needs throughout the following year.  A local agent can help simplify things if you’re not sure where to start.    

Don’t Wait Until December to Start Looking

Waiting until the last minute is arguably among the worst things a person can do when shopping for health insurance.  With the limited 6-week fixed enrollment period, the phone lines and networks have a solid history of being inundated as the deadline draws near.  Taking care of it early will streamline the process while eliminating the possibility of not getting through or having to choose a plan at the very last minute.      

Triple-check Your Application and Required Documents

Making a mistake on your health insurance application forms can result in a long succession of headaches that no one should have to ensure.  Many errors aren’t even detected until the enrollment period has expired, and those that are caught in time typically require a lot of legwork to correct before the December deadline. 

This is one of the best arguments for working directly with a local health insurance agent, as most charge no fees for assistance with new plans, Medicare and healthcare subsidies.  

Call an Agent if You’re Confused or Uncomfortable

We’ve touched on this a few times throughout the article, but the advantages of working with a licensed Illinois health insurance agent really can’t be overstated.  An agent who’s been through every Open Enrollment since the onset of the ACA will know exactly how to expedite the signup process, as well as which types of coverage are best aligned with your lifestyle, healthcare needs and budget.  It’s a smart way to save time and eliminate the stress of researching literally hundreds of plans, networks and premium structures.

Get Free Expert Assistance with Your 2019 Health Insurance Sign-Up

Here at Premier Financial Insurance in Lisle IL, we offer extended hours during Open Enrollment, there are no fees for our services, and we staff a team of highly-experienced and compassionate licensed agents who are ready to help.  Our office is located in the heart of the Naperville/Lisle corporate district and we offer free consultations at our location or yours.

To speak with one of our health insurance agents or schedule a meeting to discuss your 2019 coverage options, call Premier today at 800-369-0287 or write to us though our SSL-secured contact page