Getting married is clearly one of the most significant change a person will make during the course of their lifetime.  In light of all the planning and preparation that go into weddings, it's understandable that few give consideration to how the marriage will affect their health insurance coverage. Often it's something that doesn't come up until treatment is needed, leaving many scrambling to make sure they have coverage that's affordable and capable of addressing their evolving health needs.           

Here are just a few things to consider for those who are getting married this year, and wondering if changes need to be made to their health insurance plan.  

Do You Currently Buy Your Own Coverage?

If you and your spouse were both paying for your own individual coverage plans prior to getting married, you need to determine whether or not that's the most affordable way to go.  Do the math and see what you're paying in total, and then compare that you what a family plan might offer.  If you're not sure how to find this out, a health insurance agent specializing in family plans can significantly expedite the process.  

Staying Under an Employer's Group Plan

In some cases, each newlywed is working and covered under their respective employers group plan.  If this is the case and your premiums are in-line with your budget, you don't really need to do anything.  However, in cases where one person works and the other does not, the head of household will need to speak with their HR department or an agent to adjust the policy accordingly.        

Do You Have Children or Planning a Family?

If you or your new spouse has children, you need to make sure that they're added to your plan in a timely manner.  There are cutoff dates and deadlines which determine when new coverage kicks in, and you do not want to get into a situation with coverage gaps.  This is one of the most important considerations regarding marriage and family health insurance, and moreover one where a skilled agent can make sure you're in the right plan.

Qualifying for Subsidies After a Marriage?

Getting married brings with it expenses you may have never considered.  In cases where the newlyweds are limited budgets or low income jobs, the Affordable Care Act allows each person to apply for government health insurance assistance.  As we've witnessed since the onset of the ACA, this can be complicated and confusing to those new at it, and mistakes during the application process can be costly and hard to correct.  An agent can ensure that you get the highest subsidy possible, while preventing the chance of sign-up errors.

Call the Health Insurance Agents Lisle Trusts

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