It's no secret that health insurance can be quite complicated, especially when buying it for the first time.  Even as a health insurance broker, keeping up with all the new regulations, rule, policy changes, and stipulations can be mentally-overwhelming.  And as with anything that has potential to be complicated, there will always be misconceptions. 

In this article, let us examine some of the most common health insurance myths, misconceptions and falsehoods, to help you make a more informed decision when deciding on health insurance.

I can't afford health insurance

You might be surprised, actually.  If you've always received your health insurance from employers, you're probably unaware of how uniquely customized you can get with your plan.  And why would you?  Until now you've had to choose between two, maybe three healthcare plans.  Working with a local broker on your own allows you to control the premium, monthly payment, coverage amount, deductible, and many other aspects.

I never get sick

That's great to hear it, neither do I.  However, because I have the right health insurance plan, I know that if I do get really sick, diagnosed with cancer, forget who I am, runover by a bus while walking into the office,  or any other calamity, I know in advance that it won't cost me millions in hospital bills and therapy.  And that is really what health insurance is for; keeping you financially protected you from losing everything you've worked for.  Not to save $40 on an office visit.

Isn't it cheaper to get health insurance from work?

It might be, it might not be.  You will never know until you look into it for yourself.  At our agency, we have had many people tell us that their new (independently-purchased) plan cost the same amount each month, while providing much better benefits.  Others have been able to cut their premiums down a bit.  And still others are content to pay a few bucks more each month to have a plan that truly addresses their needs – not the needs of a group, or an employer looking to reduce benefit expenses.

At Premier we understand that, when it comes to IL health insurance, there's no shortage of confusion.  This is why working with a local health insurance agent can be so beneficial.  We help you navigate through the seemingly endless sea of policy options, while keeping you informed and up-to-date on what you need, and what you clearly don't need.

Ask a Licensed IL Health Insurance Agent

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