With the 2021 Open Enrollment closed until next November, many have been left wondering which types of coverage can be purchased at any time during the calendar year.  For those new to the process of buying your own medical insurance—whether you recently left your job, started a business, or lost coverage through work—healthcare plans can only be purchased during the six-week period at the end of the year, which is known throughout the industry as Open Enrollment.  

And considering how busy most people are these days, it’s no surprise that many end up missing the enrollment deadline, only to find themselves in need of coverage after the new year starts. If you’re an Illinois resident who missed the deadline, lost coverage or needs to purchase something until enrollment opens, here are a handful of options to consider.

Dental Insurance 

Dental insurance is not bound by the regulations of Open Enrollment, and a number of reputable carriers offer dental plans for individuals and families which can be purchased at any time. Premier in Lisle can help you find the best dental coverage at affordable rates.

Vision Insurance

Whether you need vision insurance for the first time or your employer stopped offering it, don’t worry.  Vision plans can be purchased at any time during the year and are quite affordable.  Not sure where to start?  Our staff agents make getting vision coverage fast and easy.

Short-term Health Insurance Coverage

From those changing jobs to those who only need healthcare coverage for a short period of time, short-term medical plans are a great consideration.  They offer many of the same benefits as traditional plans and are most commonly offered in 3 and 6 month durations.

Accident Insurance Plans

If you lead a highly active lifestyle and want to protect yourself in the event of an injury, picking up an accident insurance plan can be a smart option.  They’re inexpensive, reliable and provide a wide range of benefits to help protect you and your loved ones if you get hurt.

Free Expert Health Insurance Assistance from Premier in Lisle

The coverage types mentioned are just a few of the options available for Illinois residents who missed the open enrollment deadline.  To learn more or speak with one of our licensed staff agents for free, simply reply to this newsletter or visit our agency’s website.

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