Now that the 2015 open enrollment is officially closed, it was announced that a limited one-week extension will be granted for those who were not able to sign up for health insurance in time.  The extension itself was issued to allow those who experienced technical difficulties during the final week the opportunity to purchase coverage or apply for a subsidy.

The open enrollment extension is underway now and will last until midnight on Sunday February 22nd.  Under the Affordable Care Act, those who do not purchase medical health insurance during open enrollment will be subject to fines, and will not be able to buy coverage until the 2015-2016 enrollment period begins.

If you still need to buy health insurance coverage or apply for government health care assistance, please contact our offices at 800-369-0287 or write to us through our website's contact page.  Our staff of licensed Illinois agents can help with everything from new signups and subsidies, to updating existing plans and answering questions on deductibles, premiums and more.