There seems to be a lot of confusion these days when it comes to health insurance and pre-existing conditions.  Sadly, this wave of misinformation ultimately leaves many people feeling nothing short of uninsurable.  We would like to clear the air.  Because, while it is true that some preexisting conditions can affect the specific premium you pay, they don't automatically ban you from getting the coverage you need to lead a long, healthy life.  In this article we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) asked among individuals with pre-existing medical conditions and health issues.

Can I get health insurance coverage if I have a pre-existing condition?

In many cases, you can get health insurance in IL even if you have a pre-existing condition.  Of course, this will naturally depend on the severity of your condition, how far along you are with treatment and a various other factors.  For example, a person who suffered a shoulder injury back in college doesn't automatically disqualify themself from being approved for a premium health insurance plan, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana or others.  In most cases if the condition is acute (or isolated), the individual will still quality for health coverage with a major carrier.  Regardless of what you have heard, there are typically options available for everyone.

Will my pre-existing condition be covered?

Whether or not your preexisting condition will be covered depends on two main factors.  First, do you have an individual plan, or are you part of a group plan (for example, under your employer's health insurance plan at work)?  There is generally more flexibility when it comes to group plans, as they tend to offer better coverage for employees with pre-existing conditions.  Again, the nature of the condition may be a determining factor; this is the second condition.  The best way to find out which options are available to you is to speak with an experienced, understanding health insurance broker, including those at Premier Financial Insurance.  Their brokers have access to numerous health care plans, and regularly help individuals with pre-existing conditions find coverage when others cannot.

Can I afford health insurance if I have a pre-existing condition?

You'd be surprised.  Over the years a stigma has attached itself to the act of getting health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition.  It has become so dominant, that many people do not even both checking into it; instead, simply accepting their situation.  This is the worst possible thing one could do.  Most people are afraid to ask their employer questions about pre-existing conditions out of fear of getting fired.  As a result, they simply bottle it up and hope for the best.  Bad idea.  Instead, I recommend speaking with an Illinois health insurance agent who represents multiple carriers and has worked with pre-existing conditions in the past.  They know both the state's regulations and industry well and can work with you based on your medical history.

On the other hand, someone who was recently diagnosed with a serious illness may have a more difficult time getting the same coverage they had prior to getting sick.  Again, it's not an automatic denial.  This is one area where working with an experienced insurance broker will be worth its weight in gold.  A qualified broker will work with you in finding the right plan, by listening to your questions and concerns while offering real, unbiased suggestions.

Group Plans vs. individual Plans

If you've been in the workplace long enough to have filed a claim or two, you've probably noticed that group plans are a little more accepting of those with pre-existing conditions.  Regardless of your specific situation, what is important to know is that options do exist.  Some people are completely comfortable discussing their medical history with their employers.  If you're like most people though, this is something that you prefer to keep confidential.  If the later defines you, choosing your own plan may provide more peace of mind and discretion.  The nature of your pre-existing condition will play a weighty role here.  Many people feel they are uninsurable based on injuries or illnesses that took place years ago, and go on living under that assumption for no good reason.  This is yet another reason why discussing your situation with an insurance broker can save you time and money in the long run.

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