It will come as a surprise to no one that healthy bottom lines are directly related to healthy employees. A health-minded staff will be more productive, less likely to call-in sick, and far more motivated than employees who are constantly dealing with illness and ongoing health issues.  Whether you're the owner of a company or an HR manager tasked with setting up a wellness campaign, there are some fundamentals that often go overlooked.

Here are a few simple yet important tips to help make your company's health & wellness campaign as successful and streamlined as possible.

Establish and Understand Your Goals

Implementing a wellness program is never something that should be done haphazardly, as this can result in low participation and a gross waste of time and company resources.  Like anything in life, it's crucial that you set clear-cut objects.  Whether it's lowering your group health expenses by a fixed amount, discouraging tobacco use or reducing the number of collective sick days used, be honest and precise with what you'd like to achieve as a company.   

Encourage & Reward Participation

One of the tricks to a successful corporate wellness program is getting your staff (and management in many cases) to stick to their goals throughout its duration.  Many will remain motivated for a week or two, though just as many fall off as the initial enthusiasm dwindles down.  Offering incentives for reaching defined weight loss tiers, smoking cessation and perfect attendance can have a significant impact on the success of your program.

Keep You Message Consistent

Many companies put great amounts of effort into the development and roll-out of their wellness programs, but lose enthusiasm as the weeks fare on.  By remaining actively engaged in the campaign and regularly reinforcing its benefits, employees will be more inclined to stay the course in reaching their health or weight loss goals.     

Make Your Campaign Visible

Sending out a generic company email informing your staff that there's a wellness program, and then doing little after that, is a surefire way to watch the campaign go absolutely nowhere.  To counter this, try using health-promoting signs and posters, register or develop a health-themed newsletter, or add inserts to employee pay vouchers offering ideas or updates on who's making the most progress. 

Learn How Premier Helps Make Wellness Campaigns a Success    

At Premier we understand the direct connection between a healthy staff and affordable group health benefits.  All of our group clients receive free access to a constantly updated document database of literature, newsletters, signage and other tools to help make employee wellness campaigns as successful as possible.

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