When you’ve had the same health insurance plan for any extended period of time, it can be easy to forget about it until you actually need it.  Or, until you discover a consistent pattern of premium increases, variables in your deductible, hospital/physician network changes, and so on.  And when you consider how complex some of today’s plans are, it’s understandable that not everyone has hours to spend pouring through numbers or reading every bit of mail from their carrier.

Whether you’re concerned about rising premiums, changes to your deductibles, copays and maximum out-of-pocket expenses, or which doctors, hospitals and specialists are currently included in your plan’s network, having a licensed agent professionally review your plan can ensure that you have the coverage you need at the most affordable rate possible.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of an annual health insurance review.

Ensures That Nothing Important to You Has Changed

Medical insurance plans, and the coverage they provide, are known to change and evolve over time. Understanding this, the plan you enrolled in years ago may or may not still provide coverage that’s verbatim to what you had at the time of enrollment.  This can include updates to hospital networks, physicians and specialists that no longer accept your specific plan type, new Rx prescription guidelines, and a wide range of other variables.  

Provides an Objective Overview of Your Monthly Rates

People are busier than ever these days, and most of us simply don’t have time to perform complex medical insurance plan evaluations to determine whether or not our premiums are aligned with our current, realistic heath needs.  Having your plan reviewed annually by an experienced agent is a smart way to make sure that you’re not paying more than you should be, based on the coverage you currently have.

Identifies Coverage Gaps or Potential Redundancy 

If your current plan was uniquely selected based on what you needed several years ago, there’s a strong likelihood that your needs may have, in some ways, changed since then.  Perhaps there was a pregnancy, unexpected illness, or coverage needed for some sort of specialized treatment you were receiving at the time.  An annual plan review can help determine whether or not your rates could be lower, or if additional coverage is needed to address more recent health concerns.     

Allows You to Explore Plan Options That Were Not Previously Available

The major health insurance carriers introduce new medical insurance plans each year at the start of Open Enrollment, and in many scenarios, this can be highly beneficial for those looking to expand or scale back the coverage they currently have.  This is one area where working with a local licensed health insurance can really save you time, as they have a much deeper understanding of all new plan types as they’re introduced.    

Establishes Rapport with an Expert Who Can Help with Future Needs

If you’re new to buying health insurance on your own, or just not a fan of the process in general, consider working with a local agent.  There are no fees for their services, the premiums you pay are identical to what major carriers offer, and the sheer volume of time and stress you’ll save can’t be overstated.  Plus, if you need help in the future with replacement cards, basic questions, policy changes, premium-related issues, etc., the service you receive is often much faster and more personalized.

Schedule Your Free Health Insurance Plan Review Today

At Premier Financial Health Insurance is Lisle, IL we understand the importance of keeping your medical coverage affordable and up-to-date.  To learn more about how an annual healthcare plan review can help you save money and improve your benefits, get in touch with our staff today.  We can answer any questions you have, or schedule a time to get started on the process.  It’s fast, simple and costs you nothing. 

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