Here are just a few of the Obamacare comments we found online.  Regardless of where you stand on the health insurance issue, it's clear that many Americans feel thay have been lied to and mislead.


"It is not a kink when people have their insurance cancelled and the replacement costs more and has higher deductibles."  

Barry L


"President Obama told us "You can keep your current existing medical insurance". Kaiser Permanente has canceled HALF of its health insurance plans for individuals.  Blue Shield of California has canceled 60% of its individual business.  Independence Blue Cross in Philly is dropping 45% of its customers.  Florida Blue has canceled 80% of its individual policies.  This is just the beginning. Estimates are that Americans with individual health issuance policies will be cut 50%.  Good luck for all of those Americans who voted for Obama twice." 

Bruce T


"Obama should had asked what the people want before sneaking this Bill and forcing it on the Americans.  Imagine a Bill where not one Republican voted for it." 

Jack B


"Obama's solution....throw more TAXPAYER money down the rat hole. HE gave away billions of TAXPAYER money to his well-connected Democratic Party campaign contributors. He gave waivers from the law to the others. HE needs to be impeached." 

John J


"The real problem is… that there's still a majority that refuse to be told by their government that they MUST buy something they don't want. That's the commie way-not the American way." 

Ted F


"The entire ObamaDoesntCare plan is a joke and an arrogant slap to the face of Constitutional Americans."   

Lew S


"Obamacare is a disaster in Obama's own image."  

Aaron C


"Obama will never accept responsibility for anything. He is the very definition of a pathetic leader. This law isn't about health care. It's about government control and more taxes, something that the collectivist democrats are really about. Domination and control." 

Davis F


"Is it true that the IT contract went to a Canadian company? We didn't even keep the work here?"  

Jill B


"It went to CGI. A Canadian-based company who has a U.S. division. They really screwed the pooch on this too. Original cost estimates we $94 million and as of May of this year, the cost was damn near $300 million. What a bargain for decade-old code, huh?"   

Tommy W


"The real problems with Obamacare are not the sign up problems. It's the giant rise in premium costs to many who already have health care insurance, the 21 new taxes, and the job killing impacts causing employers not to hire new employees and reduce full time workers to part time workers."  

Sal M


"The more Obama and the media keep the sheep focused on the mechanics, the fewer will come to grips with the outrageous cost and loss of personal freedom. This program cannot work without destroying the standard of living of most Americans."  

Art D


"Obama promised he'd save us $2,500 on our health insurance premiums if only Obamacare were passed. My health insurance premiums and millions of others increased by over 30% this year alone. It increased by over 20% last year.  Which means that Obama lied and lied BIG TIME!  So much for Fact Check fact-checking Obama.  Does suck-up to Obama as much as the news media does?" 

James V


"Instead of lowering cost to get insurance through Obamacare. . . they are spending more and more money on trying to convince people to buy into it…" 

Daniel D


"So, they spent 465 million to roll an Obamacare that nobody wants? And what do they have to show for it?  20 century software for a 21 century program.? That is govmnt math on the age of the O.  What an absolute embarrassment.  Amazon handles 20 million requests a day, they would have done a great job, at a fraction of the cost." 

Bea L


"I went on line for my wife and I. The bronze el cheapo would cost us at least $650 per month."

Don H


"My brother is self employed in California and his premiums have doubled. But it is not just monthly premiums....max annual out of pocket will be higher for most people...I don't believe the ACA subsidizes this expense but I may be wrong." 

Larry G


"The exchange has just dropped Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which greatly reduces the number of hospital options, says State Sen. Andy Sanborn. Since more than 90% of doctors are affiliated with specific hospitals, the new plans will also exclude many doctors.  Obama promised us that we'd be able to keep our own doctors.  How many broken promises is that now? I've lost count."  

Jack B


"On September 30, I received a letter from Cigna telling me my policy is being cancelled because they cannot fully comply with the AHCA.  After some behind the scenes pressuring, I'm sure, two of the hospitals of the several that were dropped from the network were re-added. Some people would have had to travel over 150 miles one way for network coverage. This is awesome already and it's only just begun."  

David W


"America is becoming more and more like a communist country... all people must have insurance or be penalized by gov..." 

Donald K


"Affordable" Yeah. You can "afford" the policy that OTHERS are paying for. But guess what........YOU have to first meet your deductible before the insurance kicks in. Paying $4000 up front isn't "affordable". And don't forget your co-pays.  Or did you really think ObamaCare was 'free'?" 

Dan S


"It has been well known and long known that premiums would go up. This president has ruined healthcare. My premium doubled and I'm not eligible to shop. Thanks"  

Elizabeth C


"WTF!!!!?  I thought that health insurance was supposed to get cheaper. I was finally able to get thru on the site (after getting a letter from blue cross that my policy was being canceled) and my rate is $471 month!  That is more then double what I was paying for me and my daughter before this all started!"  

Joan C