If you haven't been holed-up in some remote mountain shack for months, it's safe to assume that you're aware of the widespread changes coming to health insurance in 2016.  Premium increase notices have been going out in droves, and countless families and individuals have learned that their plans are being cancelled after the new year.  This, obviously, has left many people upset, confused and unsure about which direction to take. 

While the tendency may be to put these decisions on the shelf, sometimes literally, there are real reasons why waiting until the last week of January is a scary notion.  Let's explore:

Exceedingly Long Hold Times

Have you ever tried to resolve a ticket over the phone?  Or how about visiting your local DMV on a Saturday morning?  These honestly pale in comparison to the madness that ensues during the final weeks of Open Enrollment.  Tens of thousands of people are all trying to get through to the carriers at once, with each call requiring substantial time to review options, ask questions and make a selection on-the-spot; all before providing your necessary information, reviewing everything and giving confirmation.  Do the math, it's not a fun scenario.  

Burnt-out Customer Service Reps

From the day Open Enrollment begins, the customer service reps who take these calls are being inundated with a combination of bewildered and irate policy holders.  Some, remarkably, remain chipper over the phone well into January, but the mental fatigue weighs heavy on most.  We've spoken to reps who said the feeling is robotic, almost numb towards the end.  Now, ask yourself something: Is this who you want answering critical questions about your family's medical coverage?  Or, would you rather deal with a local agent who picks up their phone, takes their time, and has an office not far from you?   

Errors Can't be Corrected After Open Enrollment

Unlike the days before the Affordable Care Act, you can't simply change your plan mid-year if a mistake was made during the sign-up process.  So… let's say that six months down the road, you realize that you checked off the wrong box, or instinctively said "yes" over the phone to something you didn't fully understand.  Under the new healthcare reform system, you will need to wait until the next enrollment period to correct it, if you're not eligible for Special Enrollment.  Sadly, this is not a complete list… just a few of the more pressing challenges. 

Premier Can Help... for Free

Don't run the risk of making a mistake on your application, not getting through, or dealing with a temp who has zero obligation after the call ends.  Premier is located in Lisle and offers free assistance on all health insurance related matters; from new policies and renewals, to healthcare subsidies and marketplace coverage.

Call us at 800-369-0287 to learn more, ask questions or schedule a time to talk at length about your coverage needs.